May 23, 2007

Best Tip for Hosting a Baby or Bridal Shower: Pre-Addressed Thank-You Cards

As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently hosted a baby shower for a friend. She loved everything about it, but the thing she mentioned over and over again was the package of pre-addressed thank-you cards that I gave her. It was super easy for me to do, since I just printed a second set of invitation labels and affixed them to the thank-you card envelopes. All my friend had to do was write up her thanks, put return address labels and stamps on the envelopes, and send the cards out. (If you want to go the extra mile, you can put stamps and even the return address on the envelopes before you give the thank-you cards to the guest of honor.) My friend was thrilled that it was so easy, she finished her thank-you cards the same day as the baby shower!


Anonymous said...

What an amazing idea! So simple, yet so thoughtful and helpful for the shower honoree.

Chief Family Officer said...

@Dawn - Thanks! It certainly wasn't an idea that originated with me (I read it somewhere and immediately thought it was fabulous). Of all the things about the shower, this was the one my friend mentioned over and over, and it was actually the easiest thing to do.