Apr 11, 2007

Breastfeeding Tyler - Update #3

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As Tyler has gotten bigger, it's become easier in some ways to breastfeed him since he has such great neck control now. I can nurse him comfortably without pillows, just about anywhere at anytime. But that's not to say it hasn't become harder in some ways. With his strong neck, he pulls off frequently and looks around (especially at the TV, which I have been known to turn off just to get him to look back at me). And with all the craziness of taking care of two kids, half the time I can't remember when I last fed him.

The costs continue to add up. I had already spent $400 and recently spent another $110 on a couple more bottles of More Milk Special Blend to keep my supply up. I also spent about $15 on two boxes of nursing pads. I was delighted to find that Target has store brand tubes of lanolin, which are about $3 cheaper than the Lansinoh brand, but it still cost about $12 for two. (Target brand lanolin does not appear to be available online.)

So, my new total is $537. I'm probably going to need to purchase more More Milk Special Blend and lanolin as well, which will put me over my target budget of $600. But at least that's still less than the cost of a year's worth of formula, and hopefully an immeasurable savings in doctor's bills.


Anonymous said...

My son gets distracted at anything and everything when I nurse him. My most recent strategy (because nothing lasts long with him) is to wear a cheap necklace i bought. It's sparkly and has a pendant I can move and tap. It keeps his head pointed in the right direction for just enough time.

Good luck!

ChiefFamilyOfficer said...

Great idea - I'll have to try it. Thanks!