Apr 12, 2007

Potty Training Basics

Marc and I have been thinking about potty training for a while now. We've talked about it with friends who have older kids, purchased the Elmo and Potty Power DVDs, installed the Fisher Price Royal Potty, allowed Alex to accompany us to the bathroom, and asked if he wants to sit on his potty at opportune moments (such as before bath time or after his nap). Above all, we try to encourage Alex to use the potty, praise him enthusiastically when he does so, and don't pressure him if he's not so inclined.

Because we've severely limited TV watching for the last month or so (that's another post in itself), the DVDs have been of limited use to us. But we do have a friend whose daughter loved the Potty Power DVD, watched it countless times, sang the songs, and was pretty well trained at 2 1/2 or so.

I like the Fisher Price Royal Potty, though the fanfare doesn't work as described. It is supposed to go on to reward proper use of the potty, but instead it only goes on when someone bumps into it. However, I like it because it seems to be a good size for Alex and is very easy to clean.

Although I'm normally a book person, I haven't read much about potty training. There are numerous articles available on the topic, but I haven't felt the need or had the time to read any of them. A friend did give me a book called Potty Training in One Day, which she used to train her younger daughter in, well, one day. I am planning to pull it out if Alex or Tyler isn't trained when they are about 3.

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