Apr 10, 2006

The Value of Your Time

I've been extremely busy, but it really hasn't been one major project, just everything combined. A big part of it is that I have chosen to do certain things myself rather than pay for them, most notably cook healthy meals and clean my house. It's made me ponder the value of my time, particularly since I work full time.

I've decided that at least for the moment, I am willing to spend the time cooking and cleaning for my family - we eat much healthier than we would if we paid for take-out, and our house is a lot cleaner now that I'm doing it myself instead of paying someone. However, I can't emphasize enough how important it is to have Marc's full support, understanding and encouragement. It helps tremendously to keep the marital peace when we agree on how to spend our money.

For my part, I am working hard to streamline my tasks. I have become more diligent about my menu planning and am making more meals that can go into the freezer to free up time on weeknights. I have also learned to clean my house by breaking up jobs that I used to think needed to be done at once - for example, instead of vacuuming the whole house, I now vacuum only the top or bottom floor, and sometimes I only vaccum half of a level if I'm really pressed for time or just too tired. In a few months, I may decide these tasks are not worth my time after all. But for now, they are.

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