Apr 12, 2006

More Cooking Light Recipes

As I mentioned on Monday, I am cooking more but am busier because of it, so it’s been easier to prepare new Cooking Light recipes than create my own. Here are a few that I’ve tried lately:
  • Lemon Blueberry Coffee Cake - The almond paste made this a bit pricy but the result was tasty.
  • Walnut Coffee Cake - This was also good, although the walnut-cinnamon sugar mixture all ended up at the top so that I didn't have the center streak described at the beginning of the recipe.
  • Four Cheese Stuffed Shells with Smoky Marinara - Last year, a month or two before Alex was born, Cooking Light featured recipes that froze well, so I made this and we ate it for dinner a couple of times in the month after Alex arrived. I made it again just this past weekend, and we ate one portion and I froze the other. It was better than I had remembered and Alex enjoyed it, too.
  • Apple Brown Betty - I may have posted this one before, but I'm not sure. It's delicious and most importantly for me, Alex will eat it.
  • Fettucine Alfredo - I added some leftover salmon and thawed frozen peas to increase the nutritional value and boost flavor.
  • Farfalle with Zucchini and Prosciutto - I was skeptical of the dressing, but this was surprisingly good and turned out to be a keeper.
I'll be trying some recipes from the April issue of Cooking Light for a Passover dinner I'm hosting this weekend, so I'll let you know how those turned out next week.


Anonymous said...

These look great! DH and I are trying to improve our diets, and it's SO nice to have someone whose opinion I respect try things out and then tell me what's worth making. LOL.

ChiefFamilyOfficer said...

Thanks! Good for you for improving your diets - I'll do my best to help :)