Aug 26, 2005

Vacation Adventures

No matter where we go, it seems that the most important - and enjoyable! - part of our vacation is the food. Yesterday, we had lunch at The Pineapple Room, which is one of top chef Alan Wong's restaurants. I had the Poi Cup, which was a small bowl of poi topped with kalua pork and lomi-style tomatoes. I love The Pineapple Room's poi, because there's no sourness to it at all - it's just fresh and a little bit sweet.

All was not perfect yesterday, however. If you're a parent, you know that you need at least 6, and maybe 10, diapers a day. So we decided that we'd just buy a box of diapers when we got here. You might recall that my son can only wear Pampers Cruisers. Well, we went to Wal-Mart and they didn't have any! They had their store brand, Pampers BabyDry, and Huggies BabyShaped. I gambled on a package of Huggies, which comes with "Gigglastic." What a BabyShaped diaper doesn't have that a Cruisers diaper does is this soft mesh netting that I think handles poop better. Our son hasn't had a massive poop yet. But I'll let you know how it goes.

Lest you think that was the worst of our problems, we had more misadventures yesterday. The hotel we're staying at put a crib in the room for our son to sleep in. It actually looks like a medieval torture chamber because it's all metal. The mattress is about an inch thick. And the sheet doesn't fit snugly. We picked up a crib sheet at Wal-Mart but even that was too big for the mattress. When I pulled it tighter to make it snug, it pulled the mattress away from the sides of the crib. I had intended to bring our mesh bumpers but forgot to pack them, so we picked up a set from Wal-Mart but they wouldn't have filled the gap between the mattress and the crib. The verdict: too many SIDS and other risks for comfort.

I ended up sleeping in the king size bed with our son, while my husband slept on the couch (we've never shared our bed with our son in part because we're afraid of injuring him - needless to say, I slept pretty lightly). I'd been warned about hotel cribs but that was a while ago, and I'd kind of forgetten the specifics in the warnings. Well, they all came back to me last night. Today we're going to pick up a basic Pack 'n Play and our son can sleep in that the rest of the trip.

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