Aug 27, 2005

A Good Hike

My husband and I just got back from a hike up Diamond Head. I was a little surprised that I made it as well as I did, given the two long sets of stairs that we had to climb to get to the top. I think a lot of the people climbing with us didn't know what they were in for. Some of them weren't wearing covered shoes, some were just clearly in terrible shape, and others had very young children with them. The first viewpoint is before the stairs, so I suppose some of them may have been planning to stop there (but even then uncovered shoes are dangerous because the trail is rocky and filled with loose dirt/sand).

The view is gorgeous from every viewpoint, and the breeze brought the temperature down some. Going down was actually harder than going up, not just because it was tougher on my knees and ankles, but also because my legs were a bit wobbly and gravity made me want to rush down the uneven rocky path.

There were quite a few people walking into the park, but it's quite a ways from the park entrance up to the start of the hike, so I only recommend that if you really want the exercise. We had to pay $5 to get into the park with a private car (individuals who were walking in were $1 per person).

It was nice to have some couple time (it was too hot to take the baby), and also to get some exercise. As we drove out of the park, my husband and I vowed to take care of ourselves and not become obstacles to our enjoyment of life as we get older.

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