Aug 16, 2005

Random Laundry Tips

1. Turn your clothes inside out to prevent fading before putting them in the washing machine.

2. Wash your clothes in the coldest water possible to make them last longer and save on your energy bill.

3. Add your detergent to the running water and let the washer fill a little before adding your clothes. This allows the detergent to dissolve and disperse evenly, and prevents "detergent spots" from developing on your clothes.

4. If you have the space, have multiple laundry baskets and sort your clothes when you undress. For example, my husband and I have three laundry baskets in the closet - one for darks, one for whites, and one for lights. We also keep a couple of empty laundry baskets stacked under the ones that are being used for loads like towels and sheets.

5. Unless your baby has sensitive skin, you probably don't need to wash his or her clothes and blankets in special detergent like Dreft. However, if (like me) you want to keep your baby's exposure to potential allergens to an affordable minimum, try All Free. It's available in a 300-ounce container and is much more affordable than Dreft. In fact, it's more affordable than most other detergents, and for me it's cheaper at the supermarket rather than Target (even without a coupon).

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