Apr 8, 2024

Weekly Roundup: Struggling with weight and healthy habits, How to buy the best grocery-store flowers, $50/$50 purchase with Target Circle Card

Happy Solar Eclipse Day! Did you get to see it? I didn't have the special glasses, so I just poked my head out the window to see how dark it had gotten. Hope you have a great week! (I've marked affiliate/referral links with a *, which means I may make a little bit of money if you make a purchase or sign up using that link - thank you!):

  • I've been following a blog called Instant Loss for some time now (the author lost a lot of weight by cooking whole foods in her Instant Pot, hence the name). I recently read her latest book Dear Body,* which had some great insights for anyone who's struggled with weight and healthy habits.

  • I also borrowed one of the Instant Loss cookbooks from the library, Instant Loss: Eat Real, Lose Weight,* and promptly made the Chicken Piccata. I actually doubled the recipe using the guidelines in this Kitchn post, and it came out great. I'm not crazy about arugula, which was recommended, so I served it over sauteed zucchini spirals, which made me wonder why I don't serve zucchini spirals more often. It's such an easy way to get in some vegetables.

  • I haven't tried it yet, but I love this tip for picking out the best grocery-store flowers: buy the cheap ones! Click through for information on why this is and how to make your flowers last longer. You probably aren't surprised to hear that I'm price conscious when flower-shopping, even especially at the grocery store, and that I'm excited to put this tip into practice.

  • In case you haven't heard, the Target RedCard is now the Target Circle Card, though only the name has changed and you'll still get 5% off almost everything. If you already have a card, you won't even get a new one for the time being. If you don't have one but shop regularly at Target, it's definitely worth considering, especially right now, because when you qualify for a new Target Circle Debit or Credit Card,* you'll also get $50 off a $50 purchase. I've had my RedCard for years, and was pleasantly surprised to get 5% off almost all gift cards too (some are excluded, like Target gift cards). I buy Starbucks gift cards at Target to reload my Starbucks app to earn stars when I can't find a better deal (which is most of the time).

  • The last time I visited my parents, I came home with a bunch of old home movie films and some slides, all from my childhood. I took them to DVD Your Memories to be digitized, and am happy with the results. They have four locations in Southern California, and the cost was comparable to or less than the mail-in places I found online, and the quality and service was better than the results I got using LegacyBox to digitize old VHS tapes.

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