Oct 20, 2020

One Way to Thank Delivery Drivers

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When the pandemic first hit and widespread quarantining was ordered, everyone began getting more things delivered. My family already got a lot of deliveries, but since I wasn't going into stores, we ordered even more.

It didn't take long to start seeing cute ideas for how to thank delivery people like UPS and FedEx drivers. There were lots of signs, and people even put out snacks and drinks that drivers could grab. This Instagram post went viral (I saw it everywhere). At a time when stores couldn't keep toilet paper on the shelves, it seemed especially generous.

Because of how our house is situated, I didn't feel comfortable putting out a box of anything. But I wanted to do something. It took a couple of months because I couldn't get individually wrapped wipes for a while, but I finally started posting this on our front door:

I use free thank-you cards from Shutterfly, write a short note of gratitude, and use double-stick tape to attach individual packets of wipes. Then I use masking tape to attach the card to the front door.

Not all delivery drivers take a wipe, but they go pretty quickly. I hope it brightens their day and comes in handy.

The wipes pictured are Wet Ones Tropical Splash, which have a scent reminiscent of sunscreen. They're antibacterial, which I figure is a good thing for delivery drivers. Before I could get the Wet Ones, however, I was using Giovanni Mixed Scents Sanitizing Towelettes, which come in Grapefruit, Lavender and Peppermint, and smell amazing. They also look more upscale thanks to the silver wrapper. I can't help but wonder if they'd actually be preferred, even though they're "sanitizing" and not antibacterial. (There's a 10% off coupon when you Subscribe & Save at Amazon right now.)

When the wipes have all been taken, I start over with a new card. Fortunately, Shutterfly has had lots of free codes so I've been able to stay stocked on cards. (I post codes on Facebook if you're interested.)

Do you do anything to thank delivery drivers?

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