Apr 20, 2020

This One Small Thing Might Help Relieve COVID-19 Stress

I'm usually a great sleeper, so I knew I was more stressed than I realized when I went a whole week without falling asleep before midnight.

I also knew that the low-level but constant stress was terrible for my long-term health.

I thought about meditation, but I didn't want to commit to something I've had trouble committing to in the past. I've been praying, but it hasn't been helping me fall asleep.

Create a mantra to alleviate COVID-19 stress

And then it hit me: I needed a mantra.

Here's mine:

Everything will be okay. Life is still good.

It's what I need to remind myself of right now. This situation, as dire as it is, is temporary. It will eventually pass. And life is still good - I've got my family under my roof, and technology means I can stay in touch with loved ones who aren't in my house and know that they're still healthy and safe.

It hasn't been a magic elixir. But I've felt a palpable easing deep inside me since coming up with this mantra.

If you're feeling the same stress, hopefully this mantra idea will help you too. Feel free to adopt mine!

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