Apr 6, 2020

Learn Something New During the Quarantine

I've been wanting to learn to knit for a while, and when the quarantine started, it seemed like the perfect time. But I got a little overwhelmed when looking at "how to" tutorials, and since crocheting was frequently mentioned along with knitting, I decided to check it out. I did a little crocheting when I was a kid, and although I didn't learn to much besides yarn over endlessly, I thought that with all the videos out there now, it would be easier for me to pick up than knitting.

Learn Something New During the Quarantine

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It's been about a week since I started (I had to wait a while for my crochet hooks and yarn to arrive from Amazon), and I'm loving it. It's very soothing and satisfying. In fact, I've done it so much that my shoulder hurts and I'm having to spend less time crocheting.

Aborted first attempts

It took me many aborted tries to get the hang of it (see above), and even when I thought I'd gotten it, I'd realize I hadn't (see below).

This was supposed to be a square

But I got confident enough to try making a baby blanket, which so far is going pretty well (*fingers crossed*), and a gray scarf.

Baby blanket in the making

I haven't tried anything complicated, but if this quarantine goes on long enough, my goal is learn how to crochet a sweater.

The best part about crocheting is that I'm having fun learning how to do something new. That's been a huge boon to my sanity during this time, and I would strongly encourage anyone feeling off-kilter to find something new to focus on. It could be anything - computer programming, cheese-making, or like me, crocheting or knitting, or a million other things.

Just make sure it's something that fits your new lifestyle. Crocheting works for me because it's easy to pick up and put down, so I can deal with frequent interruptions. It also doesn't require a tremendous amount of concentration. If I lived alone, I'd have different considerations, but crocheting works for me right now. Seeing my crochet basket makes me so happy!

My crochet basket

Have you started something new during the quarantine?

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