Apr 14, 2020

A Few Things That Are Working for Me During the Quarantine (That WillHopefully Work for You Too)

Life looks so different right now. I thought I would share some things that are working for me, in the hopes that maybe they will work for you too.

A Few Things That Are Working for Me During the Quarantine (That Will Hopefully Work for You Too)

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I'm exercising regularly. We have a treadmill, but I recently discovered the YouTube channel HASfit for their strength training videos for every fitness level. I've also been a longtime follower of Yoga with Adriene, and I've been doing more yoga. (My brother-in-law prefers Sarah Beth Yoga, which I sometimes turn to for variety.)

I'm limiting the news I get. I subscribe to a few daily newsletters, which I read in the morning: LA Times Essential California, 1440, NY Times Morning Briefing, and The Skimm. These summarize the news for me so I don't have to read a lot of different articles (I'll click through if there's something I want more details on), and I'll watch a little bit of the evening news for the weather and local updates.

Additionally, I actively seek out good news. I follow Good News Movement on Instagram and watch John Krasinki's new YouTube channel Some Good News. I also regularly come across uplifting stories on Twitter and the blogs I follow.

I give when I can. Whenever we have food delivered or pick up groceries, I tip generously. (For pickups where items are being placed in the trunk, I leave an envelope in the trunk with a tip.) I've been leaving thank you notes and gifts for delivery drivers and our mail carrier, inspired by stories like this one. We order from local restaurants at least once a week, and have been donating online to food banks and other charities - if you're so inclined, here are links for the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank and Dine11.org, which provides free meals to hospital staff while supporting the local restaurants that provide them (you can allocate your donation to just your local Dine11, otherwise your donation will be split between five cities).

I'm still caring for and interacting with loved ones in a socially distant way. For relatives who are nearby, I'm cooking and baking. (Yes, it's safe to drop off food to others.) For those who are further away, I'm calling often and arranging for deliveries of needed items. Edible Arrangements offers fresh produce right now, and the boxes I've ordered have included potatoes, strawberries, cabbage, melon, grapes, and more. My aunt isn't comfortable ordering from Amazon, so I've ordered some things for her. (I also helped her reconnect her iPad to wifi by resetting her router, which may have been the most helpful thing I could do for her.)

I'm learning new skills. As I mentioned last week, I'm learning to crochet (I just finished my first scarf!). I'm also teaching myself to sew so I can make reusable masks. I bought a mini sewing machine and some tea towels (which are supposed to be better than t-shirts), so I'll let you know how that goes.

That's what's working for me during this time. What's working for you?

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