Dec 12, 2019

Seeking Advice and Recommendations about the Whole30

I haven't made New Year's Resolutions for a few years now, and I wouldn't call this a resolution, but I have resolved to do the Whole30 in January. I'd like to lose weight, something I've wanted to do since I was a tween (I think we were called pre-teens back in those days?). But weight loss honestly isn't my primary purpose, which is actually improving my overall health.

The Whole30 is a thirty-day elimination diet designed to "reset" one's relationship with food. And since I've had an unhealthy relationship with food since I was eight, I think I'm finally ready to try this. I'm also curious to see how my body reacts when I re-introduce foods that I've eaten all my life, like rice, sugar, and cheese.

Seeking Advice and Recommendations about the Whole30

But the Whole30 is so different from the way I eat now that I'm spending the rest of December learning the rules and meal planning, and listening to podcasts about it.

And since Whole30 has been around for a while now, I thought maybe you might have done it. If you have, could you share your best advice and recommendations?

Thank you!

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