Oct 21, 2019

How much should you stockpile?

How much should you stockpile?

If you shop sales, that's a question that inevitably comes up. I just did the Bounty deal I mentioned in last week's newsletter, which means I have the equivalent of 92 regular paper towel rolls in my house. At $0.50 per roll, it was a stock up price we haven't seen that often, so I couldn't resist. But, it's a lot of paper towels!

How much should you stockpile?

So here are some questions I ask myself when deciding how much to stockpile:

How much do you need?

Obviously, if it's something you use a lot of, you'll want to stock up more than you would on something you only use a few times a year. For example, I'll buy far fewer air filters at a stock up price than I will paper towels, toilet paper or facial tissues.

How much storage space do you have?

My house has fairly limited storage space, so this question is one I think about a lot. In fact, I almost didn't do the Bounty deal because of how much space 92 rolls of paper towels takes up. But like I said, I just couldn't pass up that stock up price.

How often does the item go on sale and/or is it available at the current price?

This is a great question for those times when you're on the fence. The last time I stocked up on paper towels, a few months ago, we were really low and the best price I could find was around $0.70 per roll. I'd been on the lookout for a lower price for a while at that point, and last week was the first time I've seen the $0.50 per roll price since. So it was really appealing (we're a Bounty family, so other brands aren't an option). Because my target price on paper towels is increasingly rare, I'm probably going to stock up a lot every time it comes around now.

How do you decide how much to buy when something's on sale?

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