Oct 31, 2019

Create Before You Consume

"Create before you consume."

I haven't been able to get this phrase out of my head ever since I heard it on the Happier with Gretchen Rubin podcast. It was Marie Forleo's "try this at home" tip for how to be happier. One example she gave was to "create a more peaceful me" by meditating before "consuming" social media.

I especially love this philosophy because it doesn't forbid consumption. I can still watch my TV shows, read books, and even scroll through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. But it reminds me to prioritize creating - more blog posts and essays, delicious food, a clean(er) house, and a healthier, happier me.

I've been pondering how to communicate this idea to my boys. Like all kids, they love playing video games. And they expend a lot of effort at school and on a few extracurriculars, so I think they deserve some downtime. But when they have large chunks of downtime, I want them to think about creating as well as consuming, and I haven't figured out the right way to deliver the message. If you have any ideas, please share!

In the meantime, do you create before you consume?

Create Before You Consume

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