Sep 3, 2019

An Unexpected to Benefit To Not Deal Blogging (that can work for youtoo!)

I guess this makes sense, but I didn't predict it: not blogging about deals is saving me more money, not less.

It turns out - not surprisingly, when you think about it - that constantly finding hot deals makes them hard to pass up.

An Unexpected Benefit to Deal Blogging (that can work for you too!)

I was always pretty good about keeping my impulses under control, and not buying things we didn't need or wouldn't use. But sometimes I'd find a hot deal that I regretted - like the Fila sneakers I bought for the boys from Zulily one year that never actually got worn.

Fortunately, it got easier to restrain myself the longer I blogged. But still, a stock up deal is a stock up deal, and therefore, difficult to resist. In fact, I kept buying disinfecting wipes because Amazon kept having stock up prices on them, until I literally ran out of storage space in the cleaning supplies cabinet.

Not making a note of every awesome deal I come across has taken some getting used to. But because I can bypass the deals and not spend an extra second thinking about them, I'm a lot less tempted to spend money.

How does this apply to you? Well, it depends on how much temptation you find yourself facing. If you feel like you're frequently tempted by deals, then the best thing you can do is reduce your exposure to them. That might mean following fewer deal blogs or unsubscribing from emails from your favorite stores.

How do you know you're being too tempted? Well, like me, you might be out of storage space, or you might find yourself with items that seemed like a good buy but turned out to be a waste of money. (In my case, it wasn't just shoes and wipes, but also Shutterfly notepads, magazine subscriptions - though at least those were free, and more than I care to remember.)

I still keep an eye out for deals, of course, and have a running list of things I want to stock up on when the price is right. However, there are lot of deals I might have considered in the past that I don't even pause at, and my savings account is a lot happier for it.

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