Aug 5, 2019

What is the one accomplishment that would make the biggest differenceto your happiness?

I want to help you with your one accomplishment this year!

A couple of months ago, Gretchen Rubin asked, "If at the end of the year, you had accomplished one thing, what is the one accomplishment that would make the biggest difference to your happiness?"

I think in a few years, I might be saying that this question changed my life.

Because my answer was, write more. And this re-invention of Chief Family Officer is in large part so I would have the time and energy (physical and mental) to write more.

It's working for me. I'm much happier and so excited to be sharing more substantive information with you. I hope it's working for you, too.

And if this question resonates with you the way it resonated with me, I encourage you to spend some time answering it (although if you have a gut response to it, like I did, you may only need a few seconds).

Once you have an answer, figure out a few things you can do to make it happen and then take the first step.

This course correction at Chief Family Officer wasn't my first or immediate action. The first thing I did was simply write more, in a basic Word document, and I'll be publishing some of those essays in the weeks to come. The way I enjoyed simply writing confirmed that my response to Gretchen's question was indeed a true one. And, having topics and posts ready to go made the snap decision to change the focus here at CFO possible.

If you have a gut response to Gretchen's question but aren't sure if you can make it happen, please let me encourage you. You can leave a comment on this post, or if you want to keep it private, send me an email. I can offer simple encouragement, help clarify your goal, and/or brainstorm steps you can take.

I'm thinking this question would be a good one to ask every summer. :)

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