Mar 12, 2019

CFO Favorite: Command Cord Bundlers

Cord clutter isn't a huge pet peeve for me like it is for some people, but a few months ago, I read a tip for reducing cord clutter. Since I have a fair number of small appliances that I move back and forth, I decided to give it a try ... and fell in love!

CFO Favorite: Command Cord Bundlers

If you've used other Command products, you know they're great - they stick, but they can also be easily removed. Command Cord Bundlers are what they sound like - they're an easy way to bundle up a cord. Here are two ways I use them:

Vornado with Cord Bundler

This is the Vornado Tower Fan that I keep near the kitchen - I use it when I'm cooking something particularly smoky and when I'm cutting onions (it blows the air away from my face and keeps me from crying). I used to wrap the cord around the base, but sometimes the cord would be in the way. The Cord Bundler keeps it off the floor and makes it look neat.

Hand Mixer with Cord Bundler

This is my almost 20-years-old hand mixer. I used to loosely wrap the cord around the mixer when I stored it, but now I can keep the cord neatly out of the way - so it won't flop off the shelf and hit me in the face when I open the cabinet where I keep it!

There's something about Command products that make them fun to use - I think it's knowing that you can undo what you've done if you're not happy with the result. :D In any event, if you have some cords that are getting in your way, I highly recommend giving the Command Cord Bundlers a try.

Command Cord Bundlers at Amazon

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