Sep 19, 2017

Announcing the LAUSD Magnets Handbook: A Guide to Getting Your Childinto an LAUSD Magnet School

If you live within LAUSD boundaries and have a school-age child, or know someone who does, I have an incredible new resource for you. It's my just-published e-book, the LAUSD Magnets Handbook: A Guide to Getting Your Child into an LAUSD Magnet School.

This book demystifies the magnet school admissions process and answers your questions about what exactly that process is and how to navigate it. It's a short and easy read, but jam packed with the answers you need, like what points really are, how to apply to schools now so you can get your child into the school you really want him or her to go to later, and more!

Buy it today at Amazon for just $2.99!

FYI, the application for the 2018-2019 school year goes live on October 2. If you're trying to decide what school you want your child to attend in the next year or two, check out the Calendar of Important Dates at my web site dedicated to LAUSD Magnet Schools. I've added the magnet school application dates, as well as the dates of any school tours I could find online.

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