Jan 10, 2017

Quick Tip for Storing Doctors' Contacts in Your Phone

I love my iPhone, and like most people these days, almost all of the information I need is on it - including contact info for my family's doctors. In my head, though, I always think of them as "Doctor Smith" or "Doctor Kato."

Tip for Storing Doctors' Info on your Phone | Chief Family Officer

It was disconcerting every time I went to the Contacts app. My instinct was to look for "doctor," and I had to pause and think of what the first initial of the doctor's last name was. Then it hit me: Make their last name start with "Dr."

This is what I see under the D's in my contacts list now:

Doctors' Contact Info | Chief Family Officer

The idea is marvelously simple:

If your contacts list is alphabetized by last name, add "Dr" before the doctor's last name.

If your contacts list is alphabetized by first name, add "Dr" before the doctor's first name.

This will group all of the doctors in your contacts together. And now you (and anyone else you trust with your phone) can easily find the contact info for your doctors!

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