Nov 2, 2015

Get Ready for the Holidays: Week 1

Get Ready for the Holidays 2015 with Chief Family Officer

Can you believe it's already November?!

I feel like school just started back up, but we're actually coming up quickly on Thanksgiving and winter break.

As I mentioned last week, that means it's a good time to start getting ready for the holidays. By getting started now, we're giving ourselves plenty of time to enjoy the holiday season when it gets into full swing.

For this week, let's do these two things:

1) Think about your goal for the holiday season. Maybe you want to bond as a family, or teach your kids about giving, or just simplify the season this year. If, like some friends of mine, you've suffered a recent loss or are going through a tough time, be gentle with yourself. Sometimes just making it through the season is enough of a goal. Once you have your goal, write it out on paper and put it some place where it will serve as a reminder through the end of the year.

2) Make your gift list and set a budget. You don't have to know exactly who's getting what, but make a list of who you need to shop for, and set a realistic budget. You'll need to set an overall figure for how much you want to spend in total, as well as an amount you'll spend on each recipient. Don't forget to add up the amounts per recipient to make sure the total is within your overall limit!

Original image via by Stuart Miles.

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