Nov 12, 2015

Get Ready for the Holidays: Resources to help you plan and organize the season

Get Ready for the Holidays 2015 with Chief Family Officer

If you feel you need more direction, printable planners, more encouragement, etc., to help you get through the holidays, no problem! The internet is full of resources for you. Here are just a few that I've come across during my regular perusal of the internet these past few years:

Living Well Spending Less 2015 Holiday Planner - Ruth's printables are always beautiful, and best of all, she offers this planner for FREE in exchange for your email address. (She does send a lot of email, but you can easily opt out using the unsubscribe button at the bottom of each email whenever you want.)

Celebrating & Savoring a Simple Christmas by Crystal Paine of Money Saving Mom - Again, all you have to do is provide your email address and you get this e-book for FREE. (I reviewed this helpful book back in 2013, when it first came out.)

A Simpler Season by Jessica Fisher of Life as Mom: This e-book will cost you $9, but it's huge and "provides creative ideas, time-saving tips, and budget-minded inspiration for making the most of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s." Jessica has offered versions of it for free in the past, and you can get a free sampler by clicking on the link under the description of the book.

Update! Proverbial Homemaker now offers a free 20+ page holiday planner when you give her your email address. (Via Money Saving Mom.)

Original image via by Stuart Miles.

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