Aug 13, 2015

Chief Family Officer's Favorite Things: Ball-Cap Buddy

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With two athletic boys around, it's no surprise that my house is overrun by baseball caps. I still don't have a great storage solution, but I've finally found an easy way to clean the hats: the Ball-Cap Buddy.

Ball-Cap Buddy

It's basically a plastic cage that keeps the hat's shape while it's in the dishwasher. Here's an example of my older boy's White Sox hat. As you can see, the front and back are both filthy:

Front of Dirty Hat

Back of Dirty Hat

I ran the hat in the Ball-Cap Buddy through the quick wash cycle of my dishwasher, in the top rack, using OxiClean Diswasher Detergent. Here's what it looks like after being washed and dried:

Clean Hat Side 1

Clean Hat Side 2

I wouldn't call it a miracle-worker - the hat definitely doesn't look new. But it looks so much better than it used to, such that I'm not embarrassed to let my child out of the house with it on. And since most of our baseball caps run in the $30 - $40 range, the $6 Ball-Cap Buddy is going to save us a lot of money on new hats!

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