Sep 2, 2014

Make Homework Easier with Homework Caddies

Homework Caddies -

When my boys are older, we'll probably have to get desks and chairs so they can study in their rooms, but for now, they do their homework near me while I make dinner or work on my laptop. For years, we've had an area with homework supplies, including a mug standing in as a pencil holder on a bookcase, a tub full of crayons, another tub with glue sticks, and so on.

But I got sick of watching my children - especially the youngest, who works the furthest away from the supplies but seems to need the most variety - constantly walking back and forth. So this school year, I've made the boys the homework caddies you see above. The caddies themselves were just $1 each at Target in The One Spot section, and each caddy contains:

Mechanical pencils
Colored pencils
An eraser
Glue sticks
Pencil sharpener

The only thing I deliberately left out was a pair of scissors, because I thought it would be too dangerous. {It would probably be fine, but just isn't worth the risk.} I substantially pared down the color selection when it came to the crayons, but my kids really don't need blue green and sea foam to do their homework.

And, I accomplished my mission, as I no longer see my youngest walking back and forth from the supplies area to his homework area!

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