May 2, 2013

CFO's Stock Up Price List: Paper Goods

I'm routinely asked what's a good price for a certain product, so I thought I would share my Price Book with you. I'm doing it by category to make it more manageable. If I don't list something you're interested in, please let me know.

One thing to note: One person's stock up price may not be the same as another person's, because prices vary by region and by store (even within the same chain, even if they're located within a few miles of each other).

Coupons vary too, as do coupon policies. Because of this, I've listed the stores where I most frequently find my stock up price. Also, it's safe to assume I use coupons to achieve my stock up price at brick-and-mortar stores.

Here are my stock up prices on paper goods:
  • Facial Tissue: $0.60/box (CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Ralphs)

  • Toilet Paper: $0.20/single roll (CVS, Walgreens, Ralphs, Amazon)

  • Paper Towels: $0.70/regular roll (CVS, Ralphs, Staples)

  • Zip Top Bags: $1/box (Walgreens, Ralphs)

  • Trash Bags: $0.07/bag (Vons/Pavilions, Costco)

  • Paper Plates: $0.05/plate (Target, Vons/Pavilions)

  • Plastic Cups: $0.04/cup (Target, Vons/Pavilions)

  • Paper Napkins: Less than $0.01 each (Target)
How do my stock up prices compare to yours?


Venessa said...

This is AWESOME! Thank you so much for posting this! You say you're doing it "by category"....does that mean that you'll eventually get to all the categories? I would so LOVE that! I LOVE that you included where you get them're from my neck of the woods, so these prices are very applicable to me! Thanks!

Chief Family Officer said...

Venessa, yes! I am going to share my stock up prices for other categories ... stay tuned!