Feb 14, 2013

Quirky Ways to Make Extra Money

This is a guest post by Kyle Taylor, who writes about how to make extra money at www.ThePennyHoarder.com.

Making extra money is as popular a financial goal as paying off debt or cutting your spending. When you’re just making ends meet, it can be tempting to try to make extra money through traditional channels such as freelancing or taking on a part-time job.

But what about having a bit of fun when it comes to making extra money? What about doing something that’s not the norm? Chances are the pure novelty factor of doing something unique will help you keep a sustained effort to continue to bring in the extra dollars.

If you’re looking to boost your bottom line, consider some of these quirky options:

Become a Tester

There are countless medical and cosmetic research tests happening daily. Why not cash in on this opportunity by finding some where you fit the company, university or hospital’s required specifications?

As long as you’re being smart by not putting your body or health in jeopardy and you understand all of the aspects of the study and potential risks/side effects, becoming a tester can be a fun, interesting way to bring in some extra money.

One other option is to peruse the websites of local universities. A lot of social science departments (psychology, anthropology, ethnology) run studies and need volunteers to complete simple tasks or interviews. In exchange for your time, you’re often rewarded with money, free parking and even free meals.

Embrace the Odd Job

Maybe you’re a yard work or house cleaning pro. Perhaps you’re a handyman who enjoys DIY projects. Whatever your hidden talents and interests may be, consider doing odd jobs to boost your cash flow. You can post your services on websites like Craigslist or you could respond to help wanted solicitations you may come across.

Sell Your Gift Cards

If you’re holding onto a bunch of gift cards for stores or services you know you won’t use, consider selling them to make some extra cash. You can easily post them on eBay or other sites for a percentage of the face value and once they’re sold, that’s extra money straight to your pockets.

Rent Out Your Space

No, this doesn’t mean taking on a roommate or giving up your privacy. What we’re talking about here is renting your outdoor space out to people who need it. Think garages, parking spots, boat docks, vacant land you own, etc. If you’re someone who lives in the city or are located close to attractions or event locations, renting out your parking spot could easily fetch you a few hundred dollars a year (or more!).

With locations close to event arenas, don’t discount the option to rent out your yard/driveway for temporary parking for the event-goers. If the location where you’re renting is close to a popular destination or area, check out the rates commercial garages are charging to get a sense of how to price your space. Come in under the commercial guys’ rates and you’re sure to be on your way to more money.

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