Jan 1, 2013

One small thing a day in 2013: Will you join me?

I have a lot of tasks on my to-do list - from deep cleaning the house from top to bottom and corner to corner to going as paperless as possible, from losing weight and developing healthier habits to decluttering so that everything in the house is either loved and/or well-used, and so on. My list of tasks cover every area of life, and is overwhelming when viewed as a whole.

But every task is achievable when broken down, and one thing I've learned from Flylady is that I can get a surprising amount of work done in just 15 minutes.

So I was thinking that in 2013, every day on Facebook, I'll post one small thing I'm adding to my daily to-do list that will give me an extra push in the direction I want to go. For example, today, I found a new home for my food processor. I've been gradually removing small appliances from one of my kitchen counters, which has not only opened up counter space that is very handy when I'm cooking, but also makes the kitchen look bigger. Small changes like these add up over time, and can make a huge difference in our quality of life.

If you're interested in seeing how small changes can add up, you can post your daily to-do item on Facebook with me, then come back and report how you did. Let's make small changes turn into big ones in 2013!

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