Jan 13, 2013

Menu Plan Monday: Week of January 14, 2013

Our temperatures have been about 10 degrees below normal, which is fine during the day, but mornings and nights have been super cold - especially since our house is built for typical Southern California weather and doesn't have great insulation. In the middle of the day, it's colder inside the house than it is outside! There have been no salads in sight (I never want one when it's cold), but I've been trying to do more baking since it warms up at least part of the house. :) Here's what we'll be having for dinner this week:

Monday - Miso-Glazed Salmon, Rice, some kind of vegetable

Tuesday - Portugese Bean Soup (the Cook Once, Eat Twice meal this week)

Wednesday - Zankou Chicken (it's a kid-favorite around here), some kind of vegetable

Thursday - Linguine with White Clam and Broccoli Sauce

Friday - Leftovers

Saturday - Sardine Avocado Sandwiches (didn't get to these last week)

Sunday - Dinner out

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Gina said...

I'm starting to plan Leftovers nights on purpose--either cooking a double batch of soup/stew or a crockpot meal. We have one night a week where we come in late from Tae Kwon Do, and it's great to just heat up leftovers. We also use them for lunches on the weekend, and even in the lunchboxes sometimes.

Erin Branscom said...

Love your menu. We need to do a leftovers night too! :)

Chief Family Officer said...

Leftovers for lunch is the best! Of course, my kids often won't eat the leftovers ... but at least my husband will :)

Chief Family Officer said...

It ends up being more a "scrounging" meal than a "leftovers" meal, at least when it comes to the kids - but hey, whatever works, right?