Nov 15, 2012

A Public Thank You to Volunteer Coaches & Adminstrators

As my sons' baseball and soccer seasons wind down, I'm feeling exceedingly grateful to all of the volunteers that make league sports possible at minimal cost. In each of my boys' leagues, there are a small handful of dedicated parents and grandparents who give too many hours to count to make sure the kids get placed on teams, that the teams have schedules and fields to play on, that everyone has the necessary equipment, and more.

Each league also has a group of parents - some experienced, some new - who volunteer to coach. And while some coaches may be better than others, they all have one thing in common - they volunteered to make a difference.

It's no small task to take charge of five to twelve (or more) little people, each with their own personality and skill level. To try to provide only positive feedback and encouragement, even when the kids are not at their best. To organize drills at every practice, plan each game's roster, and make sure everyone gets a chance to play every position while still having a good experience. To deal with their parents, who are not always reliable or good communicators.

We have been blessed to have coaches throughout the years who are great teachers and examples for our children - and I do mean we, because a good coach is a blessing not just for the child but for his parents as well. So I just want to say . . .

THANK YOU to everyone who gives of their time to make sports leagues possible!


Qwendykay said...

I just posted yesterday on my blog a little tribute to my son's coach, who not only impacted my son's life, but mine too! We must be on the same wavelength.

Chief Family Officer said...

I love it! Although, I have to say I LOVE watching football but have forbidden my kids from playing it. If it helps at all, there was a boy on my oldest's baseball team whose parents switched him from football to baseball, only to have him get plunked in the head TWICE in the first game!