Aug 23, 2012

Getting Messages to Declutter

Maybe I'm just imposing my subconscious desires/pressures onto my everyday reality, but I feel like I'm getting a divine message to declutter my home.

It started with Gretchen Rubin's column in a recent issue of Good Housekeeping, in which she discusses the correlation between the lack of clutter and happiness.

Then I read Cheryl Richardson's email newsletter this week, and it was about how she and her husband discovered that they had way more stuff than they wanted/needed when they moved.

And finally, this morning I read I'm an Organizing Junkie's post on letting go of clutter that you're holding onto out of guilt.

You can see why I feel like there's a message from the universe being beamed at me.

Decluttering is something that's perpetually on my to-do list, but it's also something that I've neglected lately. Quite possibly because I don't schedule it, and I don't have a deadline.

I like Gretchen's project of going room by room, shelf by shelf, during the school year. So I'm adopting it and making it my goal to finish a full round of decluttering the entire house by the time school gets out on May 31. I'm already daunted by the files in banker's boxes in my closet. But I have a fast shredder now - so I can conquer paper clutter, LOL!

How do you minimize clutter in your home?


Adrienne said...

I feel exactly the same way. Is there a way we can help each other do this? Maybe a weekly tweet (or maybe a blog post) on strangest find or proudest moment?

Gina said...

I think it's the time of year. With the kids heading back to school after Labor Day, it's my real "New Year's." I've been decluttering my house every day for the past 8 days. Almost done!

Ronni said...

I've been doing this the whole month of August! Check out my August Challenge!

Heather M said...

The last time I was unemployed, I was totally overwhelmed with finding a job that I was spinning. My mom gave me the best advise. Every day, do 3 things. For my job search, that meant, making 3 calls...or sending 3 emails...or finding 3 new positions to submit resumes for. Some days, it was all I could do. Some days, I would get on a roll and do much more. Breaking the task into small parts every day, made the job more manageable...and I got a job quickly.

Decluttering can be the same way. Give each room a month...and do 3 things each day. By the end of the month, I'll bet your room will be decluttered. Good luck!

Chief Family Officer said...

Your mom sounds very wise. Thanks for the great tip!

Chief Family Officer said...

Will do!

Chief Family Officer said...

Ah, that makes sense! And you're almost done in only 8 days? Wow!

Chief Family Officer said...

Yes, I'll send you an email to brainstorm!

Sherry Gareis said...

LOVE the motivation. Thanks for sharing. For another resource, check out for a 40 day challenge that spends (5) days on (8) different areas of your life. Scroll back through timeline for challenge, or join us in a couple of weeks as we relaunch challenge on www.actionplanministries.

CFO - I will be passing along your blog to my readers as well!!!


Chief Family Officer said...

Thanks, Sherry - I will definitely have to check that out!