Jul 1, 2012

Menu Plan Monday: Week of 7/2/2012

I barely planned any menus in June, but this past weekend, I created a tentative menu plan for July. Although I still find it difficult to come up with 20+ meals in one sitting, I really do like having the monthly menu. This time, I made a real effort to incorporate one weekly fish dish, one weekly Japanese-style dish, and to keep our beef consumption down. It's our favorite meat, but it's not exactly healthy, and the type I buy (organic, or at least hormone and antibiotic-free) certainly isn't cheap.

So here's what I've got planned for this week:

Monday - Beef Tacos, with all the fixings

Tuesday - Pizza, Salad

Wednesday - Dinner out

Thursday - Salmon Furikake, Rice, some kind of vegetable

Friday - Apple Waffles, Bacon, Eggs, Fruit

Saturday - Cheeseburgers, Sweet potato fries

Sunday - Dinner out

See more weekly menus at I'm an Organizing Junkie.

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