Jul 10, 2012

How to request a Catalina coupon that didn't print

As I mentioned previously, I bought some boxes of Kellogg's Crunchy Nut cereal at Vons, expecting to receive a Catalina coupon for $2 off my next shopping order that would make the cereal free after coupon. (A Catalina coupon is a coupon that prints from the machine that's next to the register at many stores.) Unfortunately, I didn't receive the Catalina coupon as expected. In the past, I've had to call to get my Catalina coupon sent by mail, so I called and discovered via the automated voice system that I could submit my request online.

You can submit your request for a missing Catalina coupon here within 14 days of your purchase. You will need your receipt to complete the request process, so make sure you have that with you.

From the first drop-down menu, select I didn’t receive a coupon or offer I was expecting:

Catalina drop down menu
Then you'll need to enter the zip code of the store you shopped at - it should be on your receipt:

Catalina zip code
On the next page, there will be a list of stores that participate in Catalina offers in the zip code that you entered. You'll need to select the store where you shopped:

Catalina store list
Once you've selected your store, the next page will have a drop-down menu where you need to select In-store coupon from Catalina Coupon Printer.

Catalina offer info
Then you'll have to enter the information about the offer. The YourBucks Offers page at Coupon Network may help you find the info you need.

On the next page, you'll have to enter information from your receipt, then your contact information including name and address, and then on the following page, you'll have the opportunity to upload a scanned copy of your receipt. Apparently, they'll refer to the scanned copy if they can't get the confirmation they need from the info you provided. I didn't feel like bothering with scanned copies, and figured they would email me if they needed the copy. On the same page, you'll need to verify that you are eligible to receive the offer.

Once your request has been submitted, I recommend writing down the reference number on the receipt in case you need to contact Catalina about your request. I immediately received a confirmation email regarding my request. A couple of business days later, I received emails stating that I would receive my Catalina coupons in approximately 10 days.

It's a lot more work than just grabbing a coupon from the Catalina printer, but a relatively easy process to get a coupon that was the reason I purchased particular items in the first place!

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