Mar 13, 2012

Shopping & Cash Experiment Update - March 13

I'm doing a modified all-cash experiment for my grocery and drugstore spending in March. After setting some parameters, my total stood at $131.16 when I gave my first update, five days into the month.

As you might imagine from the dearth of posts here, I was not feeling well enough to go shopping Sunday or yesterday. But I did do a fair amount of shopping last week, including just over $50 at Whole Foods and just over $70 at Trader Joe's. So my total spending now stands at $291.30.


Obviously, if this experiment is going to succeed, I will need to make some adjustments in how I shop!

I'm up for the challenge, though - I think this forces me to cook a little more, use what's on hand, and get creative. It's hard to think clearly around the congestion fog in my brain, but I foresee more meatless meals in our future.

If nothing else, this experiment will be a success because it made me change how I think!

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