Feb 27, 2012

My Key to Getting Things Done: One Project Per Day

You might have noticed that my week-in-review posts have tapered off, and that's because I've been working hard to come up with a better time-management system based on The Rule of Three.

In a nutshell, I realized that I would greatly increase my productivity by limiting my focus to just a few things at a time. So I came up with the idea of focusing on one project/goal each day. Of course, some things need to be done every day, like exercise and cooking. But, here's what I'm planning on trying over the next few weeks:

Monday - Shopping & Batch/Freezer Cooking

Tuesday - Blogging

Wednesday - One or two of the following: Shopping, Batch/Freezer Cooking, Cleaning, Home Organization

Thursday - Blogging

Friday - Cleaning (I do my Weekly Home Blessing Hour on Fridays, so it makes sense to focus on cleaning the whole day)

I started following this plan last week and I felt like I got more things done. So hopefully that trend will continue as I get better at implementing it!

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