Jan 24, 2012

Week in Review: 2012 Week 3

Here's an update on how things went with my resolutions last week:

My healthy habit to master this month is exercise - and to make it a habit, I'm adding a mile to each day by using my rowing machine or treadmill. So far, it's going great, though admittedly I haven't been pushing myself (that's the habit I will build next month). Mentally, exercise is becoming much less of an obstacle, so I think focusing on building one healthy habit at a time is really working for me.

My weekly projects last week were tackling the box of papers that needed to be shredded, and filing the stack of papers on my desk. I was able to shred the box of papers in just one afternoon, thanks to my new Fellowes shredder. I can shred so many more papers at once and the machine is much faster, so what used to be a multi-day project now only takes a little over an hour. Yay! (And that just goes to show the value of having the right tools for a job.)

I did the filing yesterday evening, and I doubt I would have gotten to it if it hadn't been one of my projects this past week. So this weekly projects thing is working well for me too.

The housecleaning is also turning into a habit, which is fabulous. My Weekly Home Blessing Hour, which I do on Fridays, ensures the house looks great at least once during the week. And doing one small cleaning task each day, like cleaning one bathroom, is really making maintenance manageable. In fact, I hosted a playdate last week and all I had to do was get the toys off the floor. The cleaning was otherwise done. This is just something I have to keep up and really make a habit of.

For the coming week, my weekly project is going to be decluttering some bags and boxes I have sitting around. It feels really good to get rid of stuff we don't need!

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