Jan 10, 2012

Week in Review: 1st week of 2012

I think this might become a weekly recurring series, or at least, I wanted to share how things went with my resolutions last week.

As you might recall, I am establishing one healthy habit each month this year, and this month's habit is exercise, in the form of an extra mile each day. Since it doesn't take that long - about 20 minutes - so far, so good.

I'm also doing 52 projects this year - one per week. Since school didn't resume until this week, I had my first-grader home with me all last week (I took my younger son to preschool every day so I only had one at home for most of the day). Since I wasn't alone, I wanted to keep the week's project fairly small. All I did was itemize our donation items and drop them off at the Salvation Army on Friday. (I would have liked to have done this before the end of last year, but December was a huge whirlwind that started and ended with me being sick so that kind of thing just didn't get done.) It feels really good to have all of that clutter out of the house.

As for my housecleaning strategy, I had a couple of days when I didn't do my cleaning task for the day. So this strategy is obviously a work in progress. But I still think it can work for me, as part of the problem is that I dread doing the task - and yet, when I actually do it, it's not that bad and doesn't take that long. As with my healthy habits, I just need to establish housecleaning habits so that it gets done without much thought.

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