Jan 3, 2012

My Housecleaning Strategy for 2012

In the middle of last year, I shared my latest housecleaning system, which involved a list of tasks that were to be completed weekly, monthly, or annually. The system had been working well for me at the time, but it's failed to be a long-term solution for me.

So I have new plans for 2012. The main one is to do one weekly cleaning task per day - something like cleaning a bathroom, mopping, etc. My theory is that this should keep the house in pretty good order most of the time, especially since I'll keep up with my weekly home blessing hour, which will take care of things like vacuuming.

The other part of my strategy comes into play with my 52 projects this year. Some of my weekly projects will involve decluttering - not only will the house feel better with less stuff in it, it will be easier to clean. Also, as Flylady frequently points out, you can't organize clutter. Other weekly projects will involve the "bigger" housecleaning tasks, like steam cleaning the carpet and cleaning the blinds in each room.

I'm optimistic that this two-prong strategy will get and keep my house in company-ready condition at all times. (I'll give you an update in a few months to let you know how it's working out.)

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