May 30, 2011

Menu Plan Monday: Lots of baking ahead

I'm so excited because this week is supposed to bring us cooler weather, and I actually don't have a jam-packed schedule for once, so I can get some baking done. I'm thinking banana muffins, blueberry-lemon coffee cake (I still haven't gotten around to making it), cereal bars, and sandwich bread. I'd love to make more but if I do more than this, I'll have to do it over two days - which I might. ;) We'll be eating out several times this week - not expensive meals, though, and it can't be helped!

Monday - Chicken enchiladas, salad

Tuesday - Meatloaf burgers, sweet potato fries

Wednesday - Dinner out

Thursday - Pizza using artisan bread dough (which, after some experimentation, has come to be my favorite pizza dough), salad

Friday - Spaghetti with cabbage and breadcrumbs (Martha Stewart Living recipe that I can't find online), fruit salad

Saturday - Dinner out (actually, it's a pot luck - I'm bringing a pasta salad and dessert)

Sunday - Dinner out

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Camille said...

I really wanted to take it easy this weekend, but with the cooler weather, I, too, have been baking! I have a can of almond paste in my pantry that I didn't use over Christmas so I think I'll give that coffee cake recipe a whirl.

Becca said...

It's amazing how popular sweet potato fries have become. I am seeing them on everyones' menus!

Chief Family Officer said...

@Camille - Thanks for pointing out the almond paste. I didn't notice that and allergies make that a no-go here. Let me know if you like it though - it looks delicious!

@Becca - Agreed, they have become really popular. I think it's because they taste great and are actually healthy thanks to all the antioxidants and vitamin A (and are at least perceived to be healthier than regular fries). Plus, my kids will actually eat them!