Mar 7, 2011

Menu Plan Monday: Making Room in the Freezer Again

I did a good job a few weeks ago clearing out space in the freezer to make room for those whole chickens from Whole Foods, but the chickens have filled it up, as have the free Totino's pizza and rolls that I picked up at Ralphs (though those will be gone later today after I drop them off at a friend's house - she's laid up after surgery and the free food will be more important to her than to me). March is frozen food month, so I want to be able to stock up on the good deals that will hopefully come up in the next few weeks - I really want some reasonably priced frozen shrimp, and frozen potatoes help make for some easy meals. So here's what I'm planning this week:

Monday - French dip sandwiches, baked fries

Tuesday - Whole chicken roasted in slow cooker, copycat recipe of Zankou Chicken's garlic sauce (Alex's favorite; he refused my white bean dip last time), some kind of veggie

Wednesday - Shepherd's Pie, using leftover beef from Monday, maybe an extra veggie

Thursday - Pizza, salad

Friday - Chicken cobb salad

Saturday - Leftovers

Sunday - Dinner out

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sburiel said...

Thanks for always listing the Ralph's coupon match ups. I usually hit Ralph's on the weekend after I get out of work (at 7 a.m.) from my second job. I had totally forgotten about the Totino's Pizza's and pizza rolls. I had 13 coupons of each and went today at lunch time. I paid $1.29 out of pocket, all of my coupons doubled. I also had a Ralph's cat for $1.50 off Lean Pockets (Pretzel) and I grabbed one of the Hostess Muffins for $1.99 but I had the Q for .75 off, which also doubled. I also had an electronic Q come off for the pizza rolls. Awesome! Thank you!

Laura D said...

I would love to know the details on your zankou garlic ssauce slow cooker chicken. That sounds DE.LIC.IOUS. I also stocked my freezer with Whole Foods organic chickens and would love to try this. Do you cook the sauce separately from the chicken? Or throw it in with the chicken? Thanks.

Chief Family Officer said...

@Laura - The sauce is totally separate from the chicken - it's really more of a spread that goes on the flatbread or pita to eat with the chicken. I put the chicken in the crock whole, drain the fat off in the middle of cooking so the chicken isn't boiling, and shred the meat before eating.

Laura D said...

Thanks for the recipe info. I think I might just put that on my menu for next week.

Chief Family Officer said...

@Laura - Terrific, let me know how you like it!