Jan 31, 2011

Save Time with this Laundry Tip: Multiple Baskets

Growing up, I used to throw my dirty laundry into a hamper. I was taught to do laundry all at once, separating the clothes and then doing load after load in one day (usually a weekend). But living alone, I acquired laundry baskets that didn't match, so they didn't stack. And I didn't really want a hamper. So I did what seemed natural, and tossed light colored clothing in one basket and darks in the other.

Sorting laundry as it's created saves a lot of time.

It also makes doing laundry less onerous, since you can do a load as the need arises. The darks basket fills up quickly around here - every day or two, since we have the kids throw their dirty clothes into the baskets in our closet. I suppose that when they're a little older, I'll clear some space on the floor of their closet and install baskets in there too.

Flylady suggests doing one load a day so that "Mt. Washmore" doesn't get too big, and while I don't necessarily follow that guideline (I've done three loads today), I wholeheartedly agree with the principle.


20 and Engaged said...

I love the laundry baskets that already has multiple baskets that also detach. Saves so much time. Just pick up and wash!

PK said...

However, if you intention is to save money doing laundry then you SHOULD do back to back to back loads so that the dryer doesn't cool down.

So time or money or some middle ground - you decide!

Chief Family Officer said...

@20 - I've never seen those, will have to take a look!

@PK - What you say makes sense, but I'm thinking that you save even more money by waiting until each basket is full and not doing unnecessary loads.