Jan 4, 2011

Financial New Year's Resolutions

I've already mentioned my theme for 2011: Health & Acceptance. But normally, when we start a new year, I'm writing about my financial goals. In 2010, I wanted to save a substantial cash cushion. In 2009, I wanted to pay off all of our non-mortgage debt. In 2008, I wanted to pay cash for a new car.

All of those previous goals, though, were aimed at getting me where I am today: a work-at-home mom no longer making a substantial salary as a lawyer.

We definitely have new financial goals, primarily centered on being able to afford private school when the boys move into middle and high school. As we did with elementary school, we'll explore all of our options, and we want to have the maximum number of options possible.

But for 2011, I feel drawn away from making financial goals my primary focus. In fact, my main financial goal is simply to live well on our reduced income, by continuing to live below our means and save every month.

And that will leave me free to focus on Health & Acceptance.

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Gina @ MoneywiseMoms said...

I think since it's your first year at home, it makes perfect sense to work on balance and how you're going to straddle the different roles you play now. The same would happen if you became a SAHM with a newborn.

Here's to a successful year for you, in all your realms!