Sep 14, 2010

BPA-free Stainless Steel Water Bottles are Expensive!

I mentioned this morning that I need to buy re-useable bottles for Alex's lunch and snack, so I stopped by Target but I didn't see any. I figured that Whole Foods would have some, and I was right. They had two racks of Sigg brand stainless steel bottles, which all have a BPA-free liner. I bought two, a .3-liter bottle (pictured) and .4-liter bottle - according to my calculations, that's about 10 and 13.5 ounces, respectively.

So all that was good. But the price tag was rather shocking - the .3-liter bottle was $17.99 and the .4-liter bottle was $19.99. I rationalize the cost with the savings that I'll realize by sending diluted juice or plain water in the bottles instead of juice boxes over the course of the school year. I'll be starting with a half-gallon of Welch's Healthy Start refrigerated juice that I picked up for 49 cents after coupons. If I can keep finding sales like that, I should at least break even. :)


Anonymous said...

I just bought two stainless steel, BPA-free water bottles from Rite Aid in their seasonal section on clearance. Regular prices were $4. Clearance price was 75% off. Actually I combined this with some other items from the circular and a $5 off $20 coupon from video values and effectively got the water bottles for free. $18 for a water bottle is highway robbery.

Unknown said...

someone bought my kids sigg bottle for the holidays last year. and the tops broke. so i called, and they nicely replaced them. but then there was that BPA recall on the bottles, so I had to send it back, and it was just all too complicated. to top it all off, the picture on the bottle started coming off after a few turns in the dishwasher. ah well, i didn't buy it. i do LOVE LOVE LOVE the nalgene bottles I got my kids at Target. And then are made in the USA.

A Simple Girl said...

I try to keep my family very chemical and toxin free. It will be worth it in the long run if I can prevent even one type of cancer or harm that comes to them. We use kleen kanteen and love them. Not sure if you caught this deal on all of the other blogs (you still have twenty minutes to catch it!) but this company has stainless steel water bottles:

Chief Family Officer said...

@anon - great deal!

@Funky - I am handwashing, so hopefully that will help. If they don't hold up, I'll look at the nalgenes.

@Ann - Thanks for the tip!