Jul 16, 2010

Quick Product Reviews

It's been a while since I posted some quick product reviews, but I've recently tried some new products. You can see previous quick product reviews here.

Rosarita Salsa - Ever since Ralphs introduced Ralphs Rewards to replace the old Ralphs Club Card, they've regularly sent paper coupons to my house, as well as sent me electronic coupons via email. A recent mailer had a coupon for free Rosarita salsa, probably because it's a new product. Alex had just tried jarred salsa for the first time at a friend's Fourth of July party and liked it, so he was happy that we were buying salsa. I picked the mild, since he hates anything spicy. So imagine my surprise when I tried the salsa myself before giving it to him and discovered that it's quite spicy. Too spicy to give my children - nothing mild about it, actually. I mixed the salsa with some sour cream and ate that mixture with tortilla chips - it was quite delicious. But I definitely don't recommend this product if you're avoiding spicy foods.

Kraft Garlic & Herb Sandwich Shop Mayo - I'm not a huge mayo eater, but I do like a little bit on my sandwiches. I thought this product had a pleasant flavor and made for a nice change from plain mayo, but I'd just as soon stick with plain mayo rather than keep multiple jars around.

Method detergent - This is definitely a more expensive laundry detergent than I normally buy, and I only got it because CVS had a sale a month ago that made it $1.99 after coupon. At that price, I wanted to try it, which I did last month. I was shocked at how concentrated it is. I usually buy concentrated detergent anyway, but the directions called for 4 pumps, which yielded very little detergent. But my clothes were clean. Once I'd used about half of the bottle, the pump started to give me grief when I tilted the bottle, which I needed to do because of how my HE front loader is set up. Eventually, I discovered that it was very easy to unscrew the pump so I could pour the detergent out. I'd buy this again if I could get the same low price.

Snuggle Almond Creme fabric softener - I bought this because we love the scent of almond extract, and the scent of the fabric softener was actually reminiscent of it. But once the clothes were dry, there was no lingering scent at all, which I find to be true of Snuggle in general. I'm actually okay with that - my clothes smell clean, but not really scented, if that makes sense. I liked this product, but I wouldn't spend extra money on it.

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