Jun 17, 2010

Emergency Cooking Project Results

As I mentioned on Sunday, I had an unopened gallon of milk I needed to use up. I got through about two-thirds of it by cooking:

a double batch of pudding (chocolate & banana)
two loaves of Milk Bread
a double batch of rice pudding

I simply ran out of steam and time, but I'm adding mac & cheese and potato soup to my plan next time, thanks to ras and juau4. (I think maybe the boys are drinking less, because I'm not buying more than before and the supply used to match the demand.)

I'll post recipes for the pudding, bread and rice pudding. I'd never made either of the puddings before, but they turned out well.

Here are the other things I wish I'd had time to make:

biscuits (cut and flash frozen for the future)
shortcake (to go with the strawberries I've been buying)
vanilla custard + sponge cake = trifle (also for the strawberries)

Maybe next time :)

I know milk can be frozen too, though I don't really care to drink it. But it's perfectly fine for cooking.

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