May 25, 2010

CFO Redux: Don't Forget Those Emergency Diaper Bags

Today we're revisiting a post from three years ago - I wish I could remember why I needed the emergency diaper bag, but it's probably a good sign that I can't!

This post is a friendly reminder to keep emergency diaper bags in your cars and to keep them well-stocked and up to date.

As you might guess, this post is inspired by a recent incident in which my emergency diaper bag came in handy. Fortunately, there were plenty of size 5 diapers and wipes, which is what I needed. But I also found size 1 diapers for Tyler in there (and he's been in size 3's for a couple of months now!) and Alex's emergency outfit was a couple of sizes two small.

The lesson: Update all diaper bags regularly.

As for when to update the bags, do it when your child changes diaper or clothes sizes. But don't just swap out the diapers or clothes - take the time to make sure the wipes are still wet, that you haven't taken out a blanket without replacing it, etc.

A few tips:
  • Put a real package of diaper wipes in the bag, not one of those Especially for Baby cases that everyone has in their regular diaper bag because the wipes will dry out. A Kirkland brand package of wipes from Costco would work well. I buy boxes of Huggies wipes from Babies R Us that contain two large refill bags of wipes. I put bags that are about half full into a zip top bag and put that in the emergency diaper bag - the wipes stay nice and moist that way.
  • Disposable changing pads for beds like theseare larger than the disposable changing pads for baby, and cheaper too.
  • Sunscreen is a must, for the times when you make an unplanned trip to the park or you forget to apply it at home. I like these convenient towelettes.
  • Don't forget to add a nonperishable snack. Small bags of Goldfish, pretzels, or animal crackers would also work well.
  • I always have a couple of blankets in the diaper bags (a good use for receiving blankets once your child is no longer an infant). They come in handy when it gets colder than you expected.
  • Finally, consider keeping the clothes in the diaper bag a size or two bigger than what your child currently wears. Because you might not remember to update the diaper bag after all . . .

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