Apr 9, 2010

Update on my New Year's Resolution: End of March

Back in January, I shared my financial resolution for this year, which is to save a crazy amount of money to create a large cash cushion. I promised a monthly update, so here it is: we've saved 20.3% of our goal so far.

I'm pretty pleased with our progress - I knew starting out that this goal is a tremendous stretch, so to be at 20% with 25% of the year gone is satisfactory to me.

The good news is that I've been doing fine with my big oven, so there's no imminent need for a new oven - something I was afraid of last month. The bad news is that we've got some pretty substantial and un-budgeted-for expenses coming up, so I'm mentally preparing myself that our savings total won't grow as much as it has been.

As always, I continue to do the things I recommend in my Ways to Make & Save Money series. Also, I can't believe how little we spend compared to how much we used to spend before kids. It's been a while since I tracked our spending this closely, and it's wonderful to see the difference.

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