Mar 1, 2010

Ways to Make & Save Money #9: Sell on Amazon Marketplace

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I love selling my used items on Amazon, because it's like having an online garage sale. I've written before about selling at Amazon Marketplace, so I won't go into details here. Instead, I'll direct you to my previous series on selling at Amazon, and these updates.

Until now, I've always priced my items to sell on Amazon, so I would list even a "new" or "like new" item at the lowest price, even if the same item from another seller at the same price was only in "good" or "acceptable" condition. My rationale was that I'd rather just get the item out of my house.

But now I'm willing to hold onto my things a little longer in the hope of getting a little more money, so I'm listing items at a price that matches comparable items. I always include a detailed description so prospective buyers know that I've examined the item and they know exactly what they're getting. When I'm the buyer, I know that sort of thing makes a difference to me, so I'm hoping it'll sway a buyer who's deciding between sellers to choose my item instead.

I'm still only going to sell items that will net a decent profit after shipping costs. If the profit is too small, I'd rather save my time and donate the item for the tax deduction instead.

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