Feb 13, 2010

Meet Chief Family Officer's New Drugstore Game Padawan: Hayden from California

Thank you to everyone who applied to be the next Drugstore Game padawan. It was even tougher to make a selection this time around, but I had to. And I hope that everyone who wasn't selected will still find this series helpful.

I'm happy to introduce our new Drugstore Game Padawan, Hayden. I asked him to tell us a little about himself, and here's what he said:
My name is Hayden and I’m 18, male, and a high school senior. I plan to attend college this fall and will likely move out of my house this year or the next. I have taken on the responsibility of purchasing various household products for my family because my parents feel that finding ways to save money in the future is not only practicable but necessary.
I simply couldn't pass up the chance to help someone so young develop smart shopping habits!

Like me, Hayden lives in Southern California and has good access to all three major drugstores. He doesn't have a big coupon stash, but has ready access to printable coupons. We'll be back soon with his first transactions!


Camille said...

Good for you, Hayden! I wish I had learned how to shop like this when I was 18! I often wonder at all the money I wasted all those years....

Sarah Kay said...

Good for you Hayden! Not to sound like a mom, but I am so glad to see a young man learning how to be wise with his money as this is the way all young men need to be. As Camille said, I wish I was that smart when I was 18.