Jan 7, 2010

Ways to Make & Save Money in 2010 Series

As I mentioned earlier this week, every Monday, I'll be sharing one way that I will be making and/or saving money this year as I strive toward my 2010 goal of saving a large cash cushion. I decided I needed a place to compile the posts so that it's easy for you to go back and read the series any time you want. I'll add this post to the header right underneath my logo so it'll be easy to find.

Here's the post that started it all:

Chief Family Officer's New Year's Resolution: Save a ton of money in 2010

And here are the Ways to Make & Save Money:
  1. Play The Drugstore Game

  2. Use Swag Bucks As Your Default Search Engine

  3. Pay Yourself First

  4. Cook More & Eat In

  5. Use MyPoints

  6. Use the Snowflake Method

  7. Tax-Deductible Donations

  8. Instant Cash Sweepstakes

  9. Sell on Amazon Marketplace

  10. Enter Blog Giveaways and Instant Win Sweepstakes

  11. Communicate With Your Family

  12. My Survey

  13. Keep a Gift Wrap Center

  14. Adjust as You Go

  15. Pinecone Research

  16. Daily Deal Sites

  17. Keep a Gift Box and Wrapping Center

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